The 1451 Review is an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal for undergraduates who wish to connect the dots between subjects.

Volume One (January 2021)

Featured Articles:

  1. Inequity and Climate Change: The Allocation of International Adaptation Finance by Nelli Vanninen (University of Oxford).
  2. Lessons learned, or Lessons lost? Contrasting Policymaker’s Response to the Great Depression and the 2007/8 Financial Crisis by Cameron Bell (The London School of Economics and Political Science).
  3. Provenance and Meanings of Indigenous Objects in Museums: The Ethical Battlefield for Ownership by Lilith Charlet (University of Glasgow).
  4. ‘Faulty Powers’ Revised: A Constructivist Analysis of Russia’s decision to Invade Ukraine by Rose Heffernan (University of Glasgow).
  5. Psychobabble or Substantial? How Sustainability Psychologically Impacts Consumer Preferences by Ana Isabel Bacallado (University of Glasgow).
  6. Coding the Apocalypse: A Scientific Assessment of Realism and Outcome from a Simulated Zombie Outbreak by Conal Brosnan (University of Glasgow).
  7. Wrongful Convictions Caused by Mistaken Eyewitness Identification Evidence: is Corroboration the Answer? by Charlie MacKay (University of Glasgow).
  8. Thinking with Class: A Pragmatic Approach by Cameron Herbert (University of Cambridge). 
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