Submit Your Work To The 1451 Review

How Does The Process Work?

The 1451 Review is published annually, accepting rolling submissions all year round. Here is how it works:

  1. Submit your essay or study to The 1451 Review by email to Be sure to attach your paper in PDF or DOC format within the email.
  2. Once your work is submitted, it will be read by the peer reviewers of The 1451 Review. 
  3. If the reviewers of The 1451 Review deem your paper to be right for publication, they will offer their congratulations and let you know of your success in a reply to your original email.
  4. The editors of The 1451 Review will then offer feedback on your paper.
  5. Once the paper is ready to publish, it will be featured in the upcoming volume of The 1451 Review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I submit my paper?

Submissions are accepted all year round, and can be emailed to You will hear back from us once your paper has been selected.

Which fields of study are accepted for publication?

The 1451 Review is an interdisciplinary journal, so we accept any paper from any field of study as long as it makes explicit connections to another field of study. For example, a paper investigating the psychological biases in mass consumer purchasing behaviors would likely qualify, as it studies the intersection between Psychology and Economics.

What types of papers do you accept for publication?

We accept all forms of academic works. This may take shape in the form of an essay, a study testing a hypothesis, an opinion piece, etc. However, all papers must be formatted using the Harvard referencing format. For an explanation of how this works, please consult this guide.

Can I submit my manuscript if it contains part of my PhD or academic thesis?

Yes, you are free to send in any form of work that took place as part of academic study.

How much does it cost to publish in The 1451 Review?

The 1451 Review does not charge authors to publish their work in this journal.

Will The 1451 Review own the rights to my work?

No. Authors submit to The 1451 Review as a means to share their paper via our website as an interdisciplinary platform for their work. The 1451 Review will not take claim to the rights of the paper.

Who do I contact author support?

Please send us an email at, or message us through our contact page.

Any More Questions?

If you have a question that has not been answered above, please send us an email at, or message us through our contact page.

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